Generic Name For Clonazepam

29. november 2011 at 10:54

Related article: 4786 B Host Processing Error B B B B AA Patient Spenddown Not Met 4929 B Patient Spenddown Not Met B B B B AB Date Written Is After Date Filled 4206 B The Date Prescription Written is greater than the Date Of Service. D D D D AC Product Not Covered Non-Participating Manufacturer 4683 B THE PRODUCT/SERVICE ID QUALIFIER INDICATES THAT THE PRODUCT/SERVICE ID FIELD CONTAINS AN NDC AND DRUG REBATE DATA IS FOUND FOR THE CLAIM�S NDC AND DATE OF SERVICE ON THE DRUG REBATE TABLE AND THE DRUG REBATE CODE FOR THE NDC = NO REBATE (�0�) AND THE NDC IS NOT A REBATE EXEMPT NDC **5.1 edit only - see 4684 for equivalent 3.2 edit** D D D D AC Product Not Covered Non-Participating Manufacturer 4207 B The Product/Service ID Qualifier indicates that the Product/Service ID field contains a NDC AND ((Drug Rebate data is found for the Claim�s NDC and Date of Service on the Drug Rebate Table AND The Drug Rebate Code for the NDC = �No Rebate� (�0�) AND The NDC is not a �Rebate Exempt� NDC (hard-coded table � Massachusetts specific)) OR (Drug Rebate data Generic Name For Clonazepam is not found for the Claim�s NDC and Date of Service on the Drug Rebate Table)) AND The Drug�s Class Code not = �OTC� (�O�) AND The Drug�s Therapeutic Class not = �Vaccine� (�W7B� thru �W7Q�) AND The Drug�s GCN not = �Non-Drug Item� (�94200�) AND The Claim�s Drug Compound Code not = �Compound� (�2�) B B B B AD Billing Provider Not Eligible To Bill This Claim Type 4930
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